MedZense IQM Platform

The MedZense IQM (Instrument Quality Management) Platform allows you to measure, store and analyze measurement data, ensuring defective instruments are removed from service before they negatively impact surgical performances. The MedZense IQM Platform consists of the MedZense IQM software connected to MIS instruments testing devices, such as the MedZense LG20(-e).

MedZense LG20/LG20-e

The MedZense LG20 / LG20-e allows hospitals to objectively and efficiently assess the light transmitting quality of light guide cables and endoscopes. It is the first universal solution, supporting all major brands of light guide cables (LG20) and a wide variety of rigid endoscopes (LG20-e). It is also the first solution which tests the cable quality across the full visible light spectrum.

MedZense LG20


• Test light throughput and color spectrum of light cables

MedZense LG20-e


• Test light throughput and color spectrum of light cables
• Test light throughput and color spectrum of rigid scopes
• Optional EndoEye support

MedZense DMS

Available from Jan 20th 2021!
The MedZense DMS is our 2D DataMatrix Scanner, specifically developed for the healthcare industry. This scanner quickly and easily reads small 2D DataMatrix codes on the often challenging surfaces of surgical instruments. The MedZense DMS can be connected with any instrument identification and tracking software, including the MedZense IQM Platform.

Our products are manufactured under ISO 13485:2016 by Entrhal Medical GmbH.