Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend to have the device serviced once every year. When we service the device all hardware will be checked and cleaned, the firmware will be upgraded to the latest version and the device will be re-calibrated.

It is also recommended to periodically (e.g. once per month) clean the optical connectors on the device using a non pilling, dry cotton swab. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt in the optics and will make sure the measurements will always be reliable.

The device does not need to be turned off. When the device goes into the ‘screen saver’ it goes into low power mode. The device will wake up when the display is touched. This way the device will always be standby and ready to use.

Yes, you can by purchasing the PT10 probe separately. Once you connect the PT10 to the LG20 the scope testing features will be enabled.

We are currently working on this feature and it is already available in an alpha release. Contact your local distributor to acquire this software upgrade.