Medical 2D DataMatrix Scanner

MedZense DMS: 2D DataMatrix Scanner for Medical Instrument Identification and Tracking 

The MedZense DMS (DataMatrix Scanner) has been specifically developed to easily read 2D DataMatrix codes on the often challenging surfaces of surgical instruments. With its advanced illumination system, high-resolution image sensor and excellent Direct Part Marking (DPM) decoding capabilities, the MedZense DMS ensures quick and reliable scanning of laser cut, etched or engraved DataMatrix codes on medical instruments. This scanner reads scratched DataMatrix codes on curved and reflective surfaces like no other.

Designed for Healthcare Applications

Our quick and reliable DataMatrix code reader finally makes it practical to identify and track at instrument level. With its compact design and splash-water resistant casing the MedZense DMS is easy to clean and can be placed on any workstation without taking up much space.


Plug & Play: Effortless installation via USB

The MedZense DMS can be directly connected to a PC via a USB port, through which it is powered as well. MedZense DMS requires no additional software installation, and supports COM port emulation as well.


Streamlining Quality Assurance and Work Processes

The MedZense DMS can be connected to any quality assurance and identification and tracking software, supporting and streamlining the current workflows and processes.


The MedZense System

Compatible with MedZense IQM Platform

The MedZense DMS is fully compatible with our MedZense Instrument Quality Management (IQM) platform and can be connected via USB to support and simplify the workflow for surgical instrument quality assurance.

The MedZense IQM Platform consists of:

MedZense IQM Software, including the Web App & Test Client
Connects to up to two testing devices
More devices can be connected upon request

Devices currently integrated in the MedZense IQM Platform:

MedZense LG20-e
Datamatrix Scanner
Diateg Professional (Coming Soon)