MedZense IQM Platform

Defective Medical Equipment reaching the OR: Unknown danger to Patient Safety

Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS) depend heavily on dedicated medical instruments and devices to succesfully perform procedures. During the Instrument Reprocessing Cycle, brief and subjective visual inspections are performed by CSSD employees before returning the instruments to the OR.
Without objective quality inspections at the CSSD, defective medical equipment such as Light Guide Cables, Endoscopes and Diathermy instruments are able to reach the OR every day, endangering Patient Safety more often then is acceptable.

Managing your Inventory & Testresults with MedZense IQM Platform

MedZense IQM Platform allows you to measure, store and analyze measurement data, ensuring defective instruments are removed from service before they negatively impact surgical performances.
Regular and objective testing of your instrument inventory enables you to minimize patient risk and limit the surgeon’s responsibility for defective instruments. Collecting and analyzing the test data with MedZense IQM creates insights in your hospital’s instrument quality, records the measurements performed for future references and prevents defective equipment reaching the OR.

MedZense IQM Platform Features:

•   Instrument Inventory Management
•   Test Result Database
•   Comprehensive Interface for Test Devices
•   Data Export
•   Acceptance & Rejection Criteria Management

The Benefits:

•   Documented objective instrument quality inspections
•   Minimizes the amount of defective instruments reaching the OR
•   Provides insights in current instrument inventory and overall instrument quality
•   Decrease frustration and delays in the OR

•   Determine acceptance and rejection criteria on instrument level
•   Create detailed reports on instrument quality for new, damaged and repaired instruments
•  Analyse and compare your test results with other medical facilities (optional)

Connect your instrument test devices to the MedZense IQM Platform to collect and analyze your testresults.

Current devices integrated in the MedZense IQM Platform:

•   MedZense LG20
•   MedZense LG20-e
•   Datamatrix Scanner


Coming soon:

•   Diateg Professional Insulation Tester